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I have been blogging about technology since 2006. I started out primarily blogging about video conferencing (On my original blog, TelBitConsulting) but quickly expanded to any technology that looked interesting or groundbreaking or.....well, you get the idea. TechyMike is new and will cover ALL technologies.

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Blaze in mirror

Cameras on Smartphones: Photography for Everyone

Call me old fashioned, but, this is the first year that I am really enjoying using the cameras (front and back facing) on my smartphone. My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that is every bit as good as our standalone Sony camera for utility, … [Read More...]

forcarol snapshot

Test Your Web Site to See if Google Thinks it is Mobile Ready

I found this link recently and gave it a try to make sure my web sites are approved by Google to be "mobile ready".  They are! You should do the … [Read More...]

lee and woz

The Woz and Stan Lee Use Video Conferencing to Plan Comic Con 2016

How far has videoconferencing technology come in the past 25 years? Pretty far, but, it sure has taken a long time. The culture has finally caught up with the technology. Watch the YouTube video below as Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak decide to … [Read More...]

project fi

Google Project Fi: Google Wants to Be Your Next Wireless Service Provider

Google just announced that they will be jumping into the cellular wireless service provider space joining the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, et al. with Google Fi. Promising to use new technology to provide a robust, multi-network, … [Read More...]

first day blaze meets kristen

HTC RE Camera Preview

I will write a full blog about the HTC RE camera in the near future, but, for now, here is a short video I took using the RE, aka "Blaze Cam".  (Blaze is our 13 week old yellow Labrador puppy).  Testing the video capability of the HTC RE, I uploaded … [Read More...]


Google Search Goes Mobile

As of today (April 21, 2015) when you do a Google search from your tablet, phablet, or smartphone you will see a list of web sites starting with those that are "mobile friendly", meaning those web sites that, when viewed on a small screen, do not … [Read More...]

eggs horizontal

Diversify Your Telephone, Cell Phone & Internet Services

Although a rare occurrence, yesterday we lost AT&T Wireless service to our cell phones. This made me think about diversity of communications in the home. Every time I go to pay our Comcast bill I am told that by adding telephone service (and … [Read More...]

crowd mics

Crowd Mics: Audience Participation via Voice, Text, and Polling

In the old days, I gave a ton of speeches at conferences on video conferencing technology.  At the end of my talk, during the Q&A session, two people stood in the audience with wireless microphones that they would give to audience members who had … [Read More...]

ultra wide angle of paradise

Remote Working Paradise

I will be spending a lot of time in the next few months evaluating remote working locations in Tracy, CA. Thought I'd add this one to the list: Our backyard paradise as a remote working location. "Retirement" is good.....I just need a bit more … [Read More...]

coworking space 2

COWORKING: An Open Collaborative Work Environment

I owned a COWORKING location in Tracy, CA for 5 years and 7 months, finally selling it for economic reasons on Dec 31, 2014 (see my blog about the lessons I learned about coworking in a small town). One day a few years ago, some folks from Emergent … [Read More...]

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I became involved in video conferencing in the late 1980's. Along the way, I developed several applications that are now part of the mainstream, two of which are: Personal Telepresence and IP-based "ad-hoc" cloud-based video conferencing as a service. Enjoy...

Video Conferencing

lee and woz

The Woz and Stan Lee Use Video Conferencing to Plan Comic Con 2016

How far has videoconferencing technology come in the past 25 years? Pretty far, but, it sure has taken a long time. The culture has finally caught up with the technology. Watch the YouTube video below as Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak decide to … [Read More...]

beam face

Beam: Robotic Video Conferencing

I started seeing robotic video conferencing devices appear around 2010. I wrote a few blogs on the HeadThere Giraffe, AnyBots, and VGo  (see my blog entries here) and even watched an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" which featured Sheldon using a … [Read More...]

the next revolution feature

“The Next Communication Revolution” circa 1996

Way back in the Dark Ages (1996) I wrote about the path I thought video conferencing needed to go to become ubiquitous: Videoconferencing technology needed to be "easy-to-use" anyone. This is 2015, has my vision come true?   You can download … [Read More...]


Cool Pet Technology

Is your pet a GEEK?  If so (or if not), check out these cool technology items for your pets....and you. ----- PetChatz ( True to TechyMike's technical expertise, I just had to lead off with this pet technology … [Read More...]

the vatican

The Pope Uses Google Hangouts

Back in the day, I knew videoconferencing would reach the highest level of attention. Little did I know how high this technology would reach. Apparently, almost all the way to the top. VERY cool !!!   Gotta love video conferencing.   On Feb 5, 2015 … [Read More...]

polycom videconferencing

Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

In the old days, we (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) used to visit Polycom HQ (when they were in Pleasanton, CA) to either:  Get an update on the latest and greatest videoconferencing technology, or, prod them for one reason or another. … [Read More...]

blue jeans

Netflix Uses BlueJeans Cloud-Based Videoconferencing

Figured I'd jump back, at least a little bit, into the technology I helped pioneer....desktop video conferencing and cloud-based videoconferencing.  (VC vendors with a story to tell....send me your stuff!) BlueJeans is a cloud-based provider of … [Read More...]

the lawyer with Susan and Jared

Vidyo Video Conferencing Deposition

My two worlds collided this week.  (Video conferencing and Coworking). I rented the "Orange" Conference room for a deposition to an attorney located in Pennsylvania (we are in Tracy, CA).   AltamontCowork won the "bid" by having SCREAMING fast … [Read More...]

ReadyTalk Announces Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been added to ReadyTalk (for some reason I thought they already had it....oh well.) I like press releases.  No work for me....a new blog entry for you.  Call me lazy!  ;-) - We are pleased to announce the availability of … [Read More...]

Blue Jeans Changes Cloud Video Conferencing Again

- - Hot off the heels of Enterprise Connect where the WebRTC Conference-within-a-Conference drew overflow crowds, Blue Jeans Network will announce it's newest product: Sniff RTC.  On Monday, April 1, the cloud-based video conference service and … [Read More...]

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Gifts for GEEKS

apple watch

Apple Watch

A few years ago, I lost my watch and searched everywhere for it.  No luck.  But, since I had a smartphone, I decided that I could live without my watch. Interestingly, at about the same time, the whole world decided that watches were passe. But as … [Read More...]

i ate t shirt

GEEK Christmas Gifts 2014

Happy GEEKmas 2014  This year I will link to some really cool GEEK stuff on Amazon Smile as well as other places. If you purchase your GEEKmas gift on Amazon Smile you can help spread the word about safe driving and help us provide … [Read More...]


Geek Christmas Gifts 2012

    GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST   Assuming we make it to Christmas this year....think Mayan are some cool GEEK gifts to buy your favorite NERD for Christmas.  :-) Thanks to former AltamontCowork … [Read More...]


Geek Christmas Gifts 2011

    GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST Buy your geek a great Christmas gift.  But what to get?  Here is what I (and a few friends) would like.  Yup...Geeks all!  :-)  This list is in random order, but, within chaos you can find … [Read More...]

Barnes & Noble Introduces a New Nook

Surfing the Internet today I spotted this article from the NY Times stating that a new Nook eReader has been introduced! Very cool. Here are some basics of the $139 eReader: It is WiFi only, it uses e-ink technology so glare will not be a problem, … [Read More...]

sony hdtv

Geek Christmas Gifts 2010

GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST Let's see....what would I want for Christmas this year? It has to be something geeky cool....just like me. How about: 1. X-Box Kinect Pretty cool how they use the human body as the controller … [Read More...]

Gifts for Geeks, Part 2

GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST   OK, this is a cool site. ThinkGeek has a ton of neat gadgets, T-Shirts, and other stuff especially for the Geek in your life. Since they really are techy geek types they have a nice selection of … [Read More...]

Christmas Gifts for Your Geek

GO HERE FOR MY 2013 GEEK CHRISTMAS LIST Christmas is fast approaching. In the interest of Geeks everywhere, here are my top 7 gifts that that special Geek on your list may appreciate. Hmmmmm, he/she may even even help you with your homework, and … [Read More...]

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