Comcast Tracy Expands HDTV Programming

Frustrated with the lack of HD programming from Comcast in Tracy, CA, I had been looking at DirecTV and DISH and was nearing a decision to move.

As luck may have it, last night, Comcast has turned on (at least for now) SIX brand new HDTV options. Since several of them are very good choices, I will keep my service.

Here is the current list of programming options in HD:

904–KQCA My58
908–KTXL Fox
912–KMAX CW31 (NEW)
914–HGTV (NEW)
915–NGEO (NEW–National Geographic)
916–THC (NEW–The History Channel)
917–NFL (Need to pay extra)
918–A&E (NEW)
920–FSN (Bay Area sports, mostly blue screen logo)
921–VSGLF (Golf and other sports)
922–Discovery HD Theater
927–UHD (Universal)
930-HBO (Need to pay extra)
932–MXHDW (Need to pay extra)
934–S-HDW (Need to pay extra)
936–SHO HD (Need to pay extra)
937–USA HD
938–TDC (NEW-The Discovery Channel)

Hopefully they will continue to fill out the HD programming options.

For more information on HDTV, see this blog entry from a couple of years ago.


  • AT&T U-Verse in Tracy has far more HD programming. 45+ non-premium channels depending on level of service, and then a whole bunch of premium movie channels. I just got it yesterday, and I am hoping for MotoGP next year in HD!


  • Cool. I have been looking at it but so far the marketing material on it is lacking in depth….and the options are mind bogglingly confusing. I am not going to move until I understand it…which may take a long time 🙂 Also, I wonder how this will effect my VUDU? Suddenly my DSL will be stressed to the hilt.I'll keep looking into it (after all, we have AT&T everything else..) Thanks for the comment.


  • High-definition television (or HDTV) is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV). HDTV is digitally broadcast; the earliest implementations used analog broadcasting, but today digital television (DTV) signals are used, requiring less bandwidth due to digital video compression.


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