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Today (Jan 5, 2008) Warner announced support for Blu-Ray. With “Pirates of the Carribbean”, all the wonderful Pixar movies, and now “Harry Potter” and “Batman” all exclusively on Blu-Ray. I will purchase a Blu-Ray player as soon as I have the bucks to do so. The format war is over.

Now that you have that great flat panel High Definition TV mounted on your wall…how do you connect the DVR, Blu-Ray (note that I have selected Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, it is Disney that did it) , your sound system, cable or satellite feed, and power to the HDTV? Hmmmm, a lot of wires running up the wall, or holes made in the wall to put the wires behind it. I have a hammer….

Now comes news (see this Yahoo article) that many of these connections (audio and video) may soon be a thing of the past (I am assuming power is still needed…but who knows what progress can be made in that area).


WirelessHD Consortium


I always have concerns. The human body (or the dog and cat body for that matter) are mostly water. Water attenuates microwave signals greatly. How will fast moving kids or dogs or cats affect the signal? Also, based on my graduate school research concerns, how will yet another low level microwave source affect the human body in the long term?


YeOldeTechy will keep checking on the developments as the year progresses and post any interesting news in this blog. 2008….Yikes!


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