A few days ago, Vidyo, a new company in the videoconferencing / collaboration “space” officially emerged from their shell.

The crux of what they have done is to allow, using a new standard video compression algorithm, high definition videoconferencing and standard definition videoconferencing (see my Polycom PVX blog entry for example) to work together over the public Internet, while keeping the quality of the video and audio at very high levels.

I have been trying to get hold of a VidyoDesktop application, but, hey, YeOldeTechy is small potatoes compared to the heavyweights they are currently running with, so my chances are slim. 😉 But, on the off chance I do get to evaluate VidyoDesktop you will be the first to see what I think.

YeOldeTechy says: The Vidyo technology is a very significant achievement with the potential to change the landscape of videoconferencing.

UPDATE Jan 2009:  Check out my review here.

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