Comcast to offer 100 Mbps over Cable

This is an interesting news article.

In the not to distant future, using a standard called DOSCIS 3.0 (which defines and supports very high speed data transmission over cable systems), Comcast expects to be able to offer most cable subscribers 100 Mbps download.

YeOldeTechy questions:

1. With the news I hear about Comcast throttling data users now….will they allow the full 100 Mbps in the future, or is this just marketing?

2. If the full 100 Mbps is allowed, how will DSL respond? Can DSL respond?

3. What will be the upstream bit rates? Videoconferencing users are interested, especially those who are getting into high-definition videoconferencing which requires more than 1 Mbps upstream. For example, the uses in Telemedicine from the home, in HD, are limitless.

Moving on…

Since I use VUDU to view movies now it would be wonderful to download High Definition movies in real-time. Right now, with my DSL maxed at 2 Mbps download, I have to wait a few hours for an HD movie to download.

Not that that is a problem….I love my VUDU. But to watch HD in real-time, that is nirvana.


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