Telecommute: The Time is Now!

If you have not yet been convinced that the time for telecommuting has finally arrived maybe you should look at what you spend on gas now driving to work.

At over $4.00 a gallon (and Stockton being the highest in the Nation) a typical commute from Tracy to the Bay Area now can cost you (assume 20 MPG in your automobile, you travel 100 miles per day, and gas is now $4.35 in Tracy): $108.00 per week or $435.00 per month!

Add to that the time spent in traffic back and forth, the adverse effects on the environment, and traffic, traffic traffic…..the time is has arrived to stand up and get your employers to jump on the Telecommuting bandwagon. They need to go green, reduce their carbon imprint, reduce gas consumption.

A few things:

1. Watch the “11th Hour” by Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is an absolutely SUPERB documentary (5 WaterTowers) about the need to reduce carbon emissions now. Not one word in there about Telecommuting, but, lots of words in there about how the human race may have already charted it’s own course to extinction…very scary stuff.

2. Read (and have your OFB (old fashioned boss) read) my previous articles on Telecommuting.

3. Activate a program where you work. Become a Telecommuting advocate…it is no longer a stigma….it is a necessity.

4. Express your interest in Coworking….. a new concept we have put together in Tracy, CA. If you need to GO to work, this could be the perfect place.

No matter what… not delay….the time to change is now.


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