Vint Cerf on the Internet

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Here is a video clip one of the developers of the technology that has become the Internet. He is a biggie in my world (Electrical Engineering) and when I was in college I looked up to him and others (Kleinrock, Tobagi, Roberts, Frank, Kahn, etc) as much as I did Maris and Mantle….hmmm, maybe not that much, but, you get the idea.

The photo above shows the 1978 edition of the “Proceedings of the IEEE” (yeah…I saved it, what a nerd) where the networking research that was ongoing at the time was introduced. It was this research that eventually led to the Internet that we know today.

Pretty cool stuff. Here is a photo of his particular article:

I have his autograph somewhere, I’ll dig it up and put up here as soon as I find it. Nerd plus….that’s me.

In the meantime, I think he says here is that the Internet is an infrastructure that needs to be available to everyone (it only touches about 20% of people now) and that it can benefit many areas including helping to ease the gas crises and help the environment (past the 3 minute mark) by reducing travel…..Hmmm, that is what Telecommuting is all about.

The only difference is that until now you have only heard it from me……now Vint Cerf, THE Vint Cerf, is telling you….Time to listen!

Geee, maybe Cisco should hire me as their Chief Personal Telepresence Evangelist


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