I have posted warnings (here and here) about the possible dangers of using the cell phone too much.

Here is a video that just came out from a researcher at a world renowned cancer research center who is warning the same thing.

(Note: In the move to WordPress I lost this video…I will try to find and post)

In the meantime, here is a YouTube video that is interesting.  

No one is yet sure what problems might occur (but I suspect in 20 years there will be a sharp increase in brain cancers), so the advice I give to everyone I have a chance to talk to is:

Use your cell phone (and silly looking bluetooth thing) sparingly.

UPDATE: If you need more convincing, here are some tips on what to do to reduce your cell phone risk.

5 thoughts on “Cancer and the Cell Phone

  1. Speaking of having a “Microwave Background” – Seen/read Norm Pond’s “Tube Guys” book that just came out? My Dad was one of his sources – a great book all about early days until today. I also use a Bluetooth earpiece and the phone sits on the seat next to me in car so hopefully cutting down on THAT risk.Regards,Pete

  2. Thanks for commenting. If you check my other blog you will see I read….a lot. I will definitely check out “Tube Guys” by Norm Pond. It was so easy (and fun) in the old days to replace a tube in your TV…

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