Embed Video on a Blog

It is actually very easy to embed a video on a blog. On YouTube, there is an easy way to grab a bit of code called: embed. Hmmmm, words that say what they mean.

In a Blog, such as this one, you have to go into the “Edit HTML” mode and paste the embed code there.

Easy as 1, 2, 3….copy the embed code, enter HTML Mode, paste the code.

I have used several sources for embedded video’s on this Blog. The one from ABC News came without an end embed, so I had to add it, and it worked great. YouTube always works great, and here is a new, very up-to-date, timely (and censored) video from Funny or Die web site.

Very cool, errrr, hot (in Paris’s words, not mine).

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Seriously great idea Paris, but, hey, you gotta be 35 to run for Prez!

I can run a little over 1.5 times! Hmmmmm, maybe I should….then everyone would be Telecommuting!

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