Another Search Engine Option

A few weeks ago I posted a Blog entry on a new search engine gathering a lot of excitement: Cuil.

Today a friend commented on that Blog saying that she uses as a search engine.

I had never heard of it, but, at first look it looks interesting. Let’s give it a whirl.

To compare Clusty directly with Google and Cuil, I ran a search on “Pendragon Raven Rise Book Review”. It found me, but, I landed on Page 7 of the search Number 69. And it was only on my Main Web Site, I have looked a few pages further and still have not seen the TracyReaderDad Blog entry.

(click the pic for a better view)

YeOldeTechy says: My personal favorite (since it finds the Blog entry on the first page) is Google, next is Clusty because at least it found me, and last is Cuil.

What is Clusty and What Makes it Different?

I looked at the “About” link on Clusty and found this explanation:

“Clusty got its start in Pittsburgh, PA in 2004 when the search software company Vivísimo decided to take its award-winning search technology to the web.

Vivísimo was founded in 2000 by three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who decided to tackle the problem of information overload in web search. Rather than focusing just on search engine result ranking, we realized that grouping results into topics, or “clustering,” made for better search and discovery. As search became a necessity for web users, Vivísimo developed a service robust enough to handle the variety of information the everyday web user was after. The result was Clusty: an innovative way to get more out of every search.”

OK, cool….lets see how the “clustering” helps.

Clusty Search

Since I am still (yikes…we need to turn this economy around…CHANGE is the operative word) a starving Blogger, I need a job. So I did a search on “Videoconferencing jobs”.

As you can see, the “cluster” on the left did a fair job of categorizing various jobs that are available. I am an Engineer, but, in retirement would love to get back to my roots as a technician, I now have at least three “clusters” to seach. Note the link to Steve Jobs…he is a terrific innovator, but, I’m not sure I need to look in that cluster.

To keep this Blog short, lets take a peek at the first cluster “Video, Conferencing”.

I clicked on the first entry assuming that one would be the most relevant….how interesting it is labeled “Gov’t Jobs”. Maybe the one I retired from is there?

Nope, but, this looks interesting.

I need experience in running a network operation control center and experience in:

“Extron, Crestron, AMX, Barco, Christie, Clarity, Mitsubishi,Jupiter, Peavey, Biamp, NEC, Sharp, Sony Broadcast and Presentation, Middle Atlantic, Shure, Draper, Stewart, Da-Lite, Autopatch, RGB Spectrum, Tandberg, Polycom, Ross, Grass Valley, among others.”

I’ll shoot off a resume!

And they are in Texas…country music is the king there and the King of Country lives in Texas….give it to me Strait!


OK, I have added Clusty as a search engine option in Firefox. I will use it along with Google in my searches. I like it. But so far, Google wins my heart.

FYI…I did a search on “Clusty image”. The result is the lead picture on the Blog. Cool.


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