Road Trip to Polycom HQ

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Road Trip to Polycom HQ on



  1. People ON Content, looks very cool.
    Has the CMA Desktop application replaced the good old PVX or did they show you any signs that PVX is still actively developed?

    1. I asked that question and posted it in another blog entry on the PVX. I was told that the PVX was still being supported. In my opinion “standalone” H.323 desktop systems are needed…not everyone is part of a corporate network.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      1. Thanks for reply.

        Yes, I saw the answer to that question in this blog entry :

        But that was the situation almost a year ago in May 2008 and today 8.04 is still the latest. I fear that PVX development has silently stopped even when the official word is that PVX is still “supported”.

        I have always liked PVX very much and feel the same way that standalone H.323 clients are needed.

      2. Time sure does fly….scary. I asked about the PVX again for this blog entry. I looked at my notes and of course did not write much down except that they told me they have over 10,000 licenses per month. I “remember” them again telling me it was moving forward (but I did not write that down, so my memory can be suspect).

        I am very concerned if we lose stand-alone H.323 capabilities on the desktop.

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