Road Trip to Polycom HQ

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Road Trip to Polycom HQ on

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  1. People ON Content, looks very cool.
    Has the CMA Desktop application replaced the good old PVX or did they show you any signs that PVX is still actively developed?

    • I asked that question and posted it in another blog entry on the PVX. I was told that the PVX was still being supported. In my opinion “standalone” H.323 desktop systems are needed…not everyone is part of a corporate network.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • Thanks for reply.

        Yes, I saw the answer to that question in this blog entry :

        But that was the situation almost a year ago in May 2008 and today 8.04 is still the latest. I fear that PVX development has silently stopped even when the official word is that PVX is still “supported”.

        I have always liked PVX very much and feel the same way that standalone H.323 clients are needed.

      • Time sure does fly….scary. I asked about the PVX again for this blog entry. I looked at my notes and of course did not write much down except that they told me they have over 10,000 licenses per month. I “remember” them again telling me it was moving forward (but I did not write that down, so my memory can be suspect).

        I am very concerned if we lose stand-alone H.323 capabilities on the desktop.

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