Google Tags Sites as Harmful

This is interesting. (Refer to this article).

I was doing some searches Saturday morning and saw that this Blog was tagged as being harmful by Google.  How weird.

I also saw that EVERY listing had the same harmful tag on it. I then did a search on CBSNEWS and sure enough…harmful. I switched from Chrome, to Firefox, to the dreaded IE.  All the same.

I flipped to Yahoo search and everything was fine, on all my browsers.

Ah, I thought to myself, this is a Google problem.

But, not resting, I decided to do a full security scan on my computer (the Toshiba laptop)….it found 146 trojans! Yikes.  All of them from my Thunderbird email.

I let Symantec Anti-Virus take care of them (all low level threats) then downloaded the latest version of Eusing Registry Cleaner and cleaned out over 1000 registry errors.

I have imposed new rules when it comes to reading and storing  email and…… my Toshiba is running sweeeeeeet.  

A good time, since I am about to embark on a video quality test of  nearly all the VC applications I have reviewed…should be interesting.

Super Bowl

Oh yeah….enjoy the Super Bowl.

For the record, Kristen (my daughter) picked BOTH winners of the Championship games and she picks……




……Drum roll…..





The Steelers.



Go Niners!

Personally, I’d like the Cards to win so the Niners, Steelers, and Cowboys stay tied for most Super Bowl wins. Then hope that Singletary can lead the Niners to the Super Bowl next year.  Then they will win.  

Dreams are fun…  😉


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