Coworking in Tracy


Coworking is a new twist to an old concept…..telecommuting.

Back in the day when telecommuting was new the idea of neighborhood telecommuting centers was a big thing, then it died.

Times have changed. No longer do you telecommute, or telework……you “cowork”.

A coworking location can be thought of a mix between Starbucks and an Executive Office Suite. Keep the casual atmosphere and coffee, throw in a few high tech conveniences and a desk (maybe), provide meeting space, with H.323 videoconferencing (in my case), and comfortable space for people to work in relative peace and quiet, add creative energetic people (you have energy because you are not commuting 4 hours a day), Fun Fridays, a party or two, Super Bowl big screen TV, and you are coworking.

This video below gives you an idea how coworking works, and by the way, it is a way to save the environment, reduce traffic, increase productivity…..all the benefits once applied to telecommuting, because, well, it is telecommuting for the new century.


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