TracyVirtualOffice Coworking



Things have moved right along.  Barring unforeseen issues, I will start preparing the TracyVirtualOffice on April 1, 2009.  I hope to be open for business before May 2009.

Yes…there will be H.323 video.

The TracyVirtualOffice has taken two steps forward today.

Taking advantage of a new service for instant blogging by WordPress, I have (as my second step) taken the opportunity to open up a “twitter” like blog for the TVO community.

To find out the first step….you’ll have to go to the new blog.

If you are in Tracy, CA and want to join the TVO coworking community, please feel free to chime in on the instant blog and sign up now.

See this link for more info on coworking.  A new twist on (and one that I am much more comfortable with) the old Neighborhood TeleWork Center.  A coworking location is the missing link between a Coffee Shop or Cafe (quieter and with meeting rooms if needed) and an Executive Office Suite (a lot more casual and cheaper).

The TVO is going to happen…sooner than later.  The time is right.

I’ve always said this:  save time, save gas, save money….telecommute!

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