Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone Review


Rating: Preliminary 4 WaterTowers (super easy to set up and use)

Phil from Quagga sent me the Phoenix Duet Executive USB Speakerphone to look at as a possible replacement for the Chat 50 I have been using for a couple of months now.


Of course I am not reading the instructions…..yet.  😉

Interestingly, the power adapter comes with various attachable plug in’s to suit various locations around the world.  I selected the appropriate plug-in module for Tracy, CA and plugged it in.

I sifted thru an equal number of cord choices looking for the USB.  I found it at the bottom of the pile and plugged it in.

Windows (I still have my Toshiba laptop running Windows XP) did it’s discovery process and found the new hardware easy enuf.

The Duet worked the first time!  Cool!!!

Very simple to install and the audio quality is pretty good considering it is a small speaker. I would say it is a bit more tinny than the Chat 50, but, I like the volume control better.

I moved ooVoo speaker and mic to the Duet, and I am listening to KAT Country. More testing over the next few weeks will tell how well it works with H.323 videoconferencing, particularly echo cancellation.

Other Connections

The Duet can be used with external power and to allow telephone or cell phones (with RJ-11 or 2.5 mm ports) to use the speaker.  My cell phone does not have a 2.5 mm connector, but, if you do….here is an application.

The TracyVirtualOffice does not provides phone service, so you have to use your cell phone.  If you are meeting in one of our conference rooms and need a speakerphone and your cell phone has the correct 2.5 mm port….the duet can be your speakerphone.  Pretty cool.

You can connect the Duet to external speakers and you can connect two Duets together for large conference rooms.


I will continue to use the Duet over the next few weeks.  I have given it a preliminary 4 WaterTowers.  So stay tuned in the next few weeks…I’ll give an update!

Installation was a breeze, the audio quality is very good, I like the volume control and the ability to use cell phones, telephones, and connect to external speakers.

Here is a pic of the Duet in use.



  • I too have tested the Chat 50 but preferred the Duet. We have several Duet PCS’s at work. Very good quality and rugged too (I chased a bouncing Duet down the up escalator – only suffered some “character” dings) I have tried it’s big brother the Quattro and also the Chat 150 USB. The Quattro and Chat 150s are much nicer but cost $$$$. Of the two I thought the Quattro was better.


  • The Duet Executive will bridge your USB/VoIP and telephone calls together so if you are in a VoIP call and need to gather information from Sam or Sally who may be on the road, you simply dial them up from your telephone and they will be brought into the VoIP conference. There is no limit to the number of Duet Executives that can be daisy chained together and the same unit will interface with PC or MAC OS.
    Thank you for the review,