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Now that you are here, please BOOKMARK this location as all NEW blog entries will be here.  🙂

Quick update: My blog on Yahoo Hosting has been having problems the past two days.  Can’t get to it.  Yahoo support is working on it, but, so far no long term success.   If they can’t fix it long term, I will have to move it.  Today (10/5/09) it’s been down for hours.  Update 10/6: Gotta love Yahoo support. Been working now for today and an engineer called me with some other suggestions.   Sweeet.

I have been pondering a Blog move for the past few months.

Both of my existing blogs are increasing in readership.  The Technical Blog has a solid following (you!) and the Book Review Blog is increasing in readership now that I am on many Authors list to receive books to read before they come out.

Firstly, I wanted my blogs to be able to generate a few dollars for me as the economy turns around a bit, and secondly, I want to be able to purchase really cool themes for my blogs as I generate $$ so I can become a FORCE to be reckoned with  in the blogging world…..oh, ok…I’m dreaming, but, hey, that is what life is about, right?

For those who may be considering the same Blog move from the  wonderful, comfortable, world of to the wilds of…fear no longer…it is EASY!

Let me give you a few quick steps…

1. Find a Host

I looked all over for a host, and was offered a great location here in Tracy.  But after much pondering…I realized, yes, a bell went off in my head, that I am already on Yahoo with the TracyVirtualOffice web site.   Maybe they can handle  As it turns out…they can!  AND, to boot, they have the latest and greatest update to it and have always been great for support.

My host is Yahoo.

2. Grab the Domain Names You Want

I already had, but, someone could have made big bucks (yeah right) picking up and re-selling it to me.

Too late….I grabbed it.

I now have three domain names, two are “web hosted” on Yahoo:, and  The third: just points to a page buried within

3. Set up WordPress

You will need to set up a WordPress Blog at your new location (in my case Yahoo).   Again it was very easy…I also selected the option for the WordPress Blog to be the front page.

NOTE: I was not sure how this would work with the pages buried in the background, but, everything works really well.

The blog is the blog and TVO is still TVO.  🙂

4. Grab your Blogs

On your Dashboard under “Tools” is an “Export” capability.

This allows you to download ALL of your blog entries (mine have been growing for over three years now) to your personal computer.  It goes so fast, and is so easy, I barely realized it was done!

4. Upload your Blogs

Now go to your new site and “Import” the file you just downloaded.  In a few seconds (I must have had a bug for this blog since I had to repeat the process several times to get all the blog entries uploaded) your new blog is ready to go.  The TracyReaderDad blog uploaded the first time in only a few seconds.

5. Select a Theme

In your new Dashboard under “Appearance” you can select one of the standard boring (oh, sorry) themes or you can “Add New Themes” from a list of almost a thousand!

NOTE: I found a really nice theme but it put the wrong dates on my blog entries, so I found this one and modified it via the built in options to work for me.  So far I’m liking it 🙂

6. Add your URL so it can be found

I have been adding the new URL’s in various locations so it can be added to search engines and whatnot.  Apparently that process takes awhile, so I will remain patient.  🙂

7. Clean up the links and add plugins for media, etc.

Much of what handled for you, you now have to do for yourself.  I had to find a good media plugin for my YouTube videos, and am now in the process of finding all of the videos and making them work.  I also have a ton of work yet to do re-linking my links to the new location.  Someone should really design some code to do that automatically…..

On the Dashboard under “Plugins” you can install the preset plugins (I did) and you can “Add New” plugins from thousands!  I am pretty happy with the combination I have, but, as new cool plugins look appropriate, I’ll add them.

Issues / Bugs / Good Things

With when ever I made a change to the sidebars the blog refreshed perfectly to reflect the change.

Now, I have to manually “update” pages for them to see any changes that I make.  Not sure why this is, but, it can be annoying especially as you are building your new blog.

Works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and that other one.


This is my first entry at the new blog location.  I will post the heading on the old site and forward it to here.


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