Google Chrome OS

Rating: 4 WaterTowers (the next step?)

I remember the Wyse terminals that connected to, and totally relied on, a mainframe computer.  There were also Internet dependent thingy’s that came out awhile back (hey…getting old, memory is fading).  I worked for a start-up briefly in the mid-90’s with the idea of putting apps on the Internet…we died.

I could be wrong…..but,  the Google Chrome OS seems to be the next step in the dumbing down (in a good sense) of the personal computer.   Your Netbook computer (or regular one?) can now (or will soon be able to) connect to the Internet to do what you need to do faster than you can now.  To me….it is the latest version of a Wyse terminal.

Forget files on your hard-drive…..all your stuff now will be in (on?) the Internet.  Your emails, documents, photos, movies, and all the cool things you do on a daily basis (write a blog!) will be located in the cloud.  What happens if your Internet connection goes down?  READ!  🙂

Cloud computing!?  Grid computing!?

Anyway…here is a coolio video from Google explaning a bit more about this new Operating System.  Hmmmmm, I wonder what Microsoft thinks about this?

One thing is for sure…7 seconds or so booting up is appealing. I use Google Chrome because it is soooo fast, I simply can’t go back to Firefox or, yuk, IE.

From the video:  1990 is a LONG time ago????  Yikes!  Seems like yesterday to me….

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