Virus Hunter, Part 2

A long time ago, when I was YeOldeTechy (I am no longer old, so I dropped that silly name) I had a few gigs cleaning up trojans, viruses, and other nasties.  I actually was getting pretty good at it….

The past few weeks, I have had a string of computers that were either:

A:  Slower than snot, or

B: Under the effects of a nasty.

Virus Hunter (ah….my new name!) on duty!   All the aforementioned computers are now running slick as Jay’s Shelby Mustang….yeah he has one…

Here are some new, updated tips:


1. Make sure you have your Windows Firewall turned ON.  DO NOT turn it off….clear?

2. If you need a FREE anti-virus program, who better to get it from but Microsoft.  Microsoft Security Essentials works well (maybe very good going on great as I get more experience).  No more excuses….use anti-virus!

3. NEVER click on a pop-up that tells you your computer has a virus and to click here to fix it.  Guess what you just did? You allowed a virus to enter your computer!  NEVER NEVER click on something that just pops up while you are surfing.  NEVER…hmmmm, did I already say that?

4. Make sure you do the Windows UPDATES regularly.  This is important because many of the updates close holes that can be exploited by the bored idiot hackers (many of whom are very smart people).

5. Use a STRONG ($tR0NG!) password on your admin account.  If you get a nasty…change the password immediately (assuming you can).  Also go off-line…take out your network cable and turn off wireless.  Stay off until the nasty is gone.

6. Go to thisTrend Micro web site and run HouseCall….this is the program that found today’s trojan and virus.  AWESOME!  And it is free to run.


This is easy….grab a free 15 day trial of TuneUp Utilities 2010 and use all the features to speed up your computer.  At the end of the trial period….you can buy a TuneUP Utilities CD at Best Buy that works on three computers (or you can buy it online).  Money more than well spent!


Your computer can run like a young kid again….take the proper precautions and use the TuneUp application to keep it healthy and happy.

If you don’t want to do it yourself….you can bring your computer to AltamontCowork and I’ll work on it for $50….hey, the Virus Hunter is baaaccckkk.  🙂

Speaking of baaccckk….make sure you regularly backup / synchronize your important stuff.  You can do it any number of ways now, online or (my preferred) locally (I have a terabyte hard drive).   Better safe than sorry.


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