AARNet Desktop Video Conference Project Group Report

I was reading Janine Lim’s “Videoconferencing Out on a Lim” blog this morning and she had posted a link to the AARNet Desktop Video Conference Project Group Report.

I surfed over to the report and was pleased (VERY) to find an extremely comprehensive evaluation of several desktop videoconferencing systems.   Great work!

Grab the PDF here

Systems Evaluated (Grabbed from Janine’s Blog)

  • Mirial Softphone
  • Polycom PVX
  • Xmeeting 0.4P2
  • Emblaze-VCON’s vPoint HD
  • Kedacom PCMT
  • EVO
  • Vidyo
  • Tandberg Movi 2.0
  • Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Polycom Converged Management Application

This and That

As you know, Desktop Videoconferencing is a subject near and dear to my heart since we Beta tested the first DVC system way back in 1992 (CLI’s Cameo), and then the second, and then the third.

This report is something, that I think, is badly needed:  It is objective, and it is free for everyone.   AARNet rocks!


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