Gmail Phone Calls

You have probably heard by now that you can make a phone call using Gmail.

I can verfiy…it works!  But voice only, no video…..yet.

Here is how it worked:

  • Using my trusty Toshiba laptop (now over 4 years old and going strong) I got on my Gmail account and saw the prompt “Call Phone”.  (I used my Chat 50 as the speaker / mic, but, it would be much better at AltamontCowork to use a headset with a mic.)
  • I clicked in “Call Phone” and up popped the dialer you see at the head of this blog.
  • I put in a number then quickly realized that I could enter a persons name or a partial name (like the first letter) and see a list of contacts (that have a telephone number listed in the contact info) you can call with that first letter.
  • I selected the person I wanted to call… (hey, I’m an interesting fellow), and clicked the “Call” button.
  • I heard ringing on the computer, and also, eventually, on my cell phone. I answered and could hear the full conversation (no echo, which was very interesting).
  • I hung up.

Easy as 3.14.

If you have Google Voice, you can set it up so anyone calling your GV number calls your computer.  I am having soooo much fun with my new HTC Aria….I’ll keep it as my phone.  Dialing out is good enuf for me….

NOW….all they need is video and we can have:

Videoconferencing: Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone


If my instructions on making a Gmail call (above) were too boring…the good folks at CNET made a video:


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