Global Coworking Blog

This week,  Angel Kwiatkowski from Cohere in Fort Collins, CO released the “Global Coworking Blog”.

Angel Says:

The motivation to rebirth the coworking blog came when I learned about Kapost which is a Boulder, Colorado company (just 45 minutes from here). Alex (Hillman from Indy Hall) offered to migrate everything to WordPress and I offered to select and tweak the theme ( in addition to being the Kapost moderator.  It was also influenced by Beth’s GoneCoworking project.

From my limited perspective…..this blog will be (and is) a collaborative effort where anyone involved in coworking (as a member, owner, evangelist, or wannabe) can post words of wisdom for all to learn.  Angel will moderate the entries for appropriateness.

Soooooo, if you want to know everything there is to know about COWORKING….head off to the Global Coworking Blog.

Oh yeah….I (with help from Angel) posted my blog on “What is Coworking”.



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