Geek Christmas Gifts 2010


Let’s see….what would I want for Christmas this year?

It has to be something geeky cool….just like me.

How about:

1. X-Box Kinect

Pretty cool how they use the human body as the controller rather than a device.  Pretty geeky.  And now I am hearing about Kinect Sex….pretty kinky to go with geeky.  Cool.   Of course…I’ll need an X-Box to go with it…duh.  I wonder if it will someday be an XXX-Box?

2. Any Cool Smart Phone

Don’t care if it is an iPhone, Android based phone, or Blackberry.  If it suits your needs….gotta have it.  But then again….you probably already do!

3. iPad

OK….maybe you don’t need one, but, it would be geeky freakin’ cool to have.  I can just see me on the throne with only e-magazines to read….how cool.

3. Color Nook (or other e-reader thingy)

I sat down and played with one of these a week or so ago….VERY geeky cool.

Gotta have it.

4. Flip HD Video Cam (or similar device)

I like these.  Take a video, upload it to your computer easy as 3.14.  Heck I’ll take one….I’ll take Paris too, at least for a day or so.  🙂  (See #1…)

5. My Passport Essential SE (1 Terabyte) Drive

I have one of the first WD Terabytes….this one is slick looking.  Small enuf to carry with you, big enuf to hold a lot of digital stuff.  Very geeky.  Backup!

6. Sony LED HDTV (or other LED HDTV)

Don’t give a crap about 3D, but, LED is a new interesting geeky technology (and it should be earth friendly and last a long time).  Get the biggest one you can find.  Then get Avatar and have a geekin movie party!

7. Digital SLR Camera with Lenses

When I press the geekin button I want a camera that will take that picture WHEN I asked for it to be taken….not 5 years later.  I want one!  I did my Master’s Thesis using an old Canon SLR camera (film of course) with multiple lenses.  I love that camera…still have it, just don’t use it (again….see #1).   Best Buy has the one shown in the picture….

8. Netgear Dual Band Wireless Router

I had the other one and was rebooting it twice a day or more.  The Netgear has been rock solid and is just as easy to set-up as the one you are used to.  And it is pretty with that big blinking light.  Geeky cool stuff….

9. Black Box Voice and Data Tool Kit

To replace the kit that was stolen from me.  Like the thief knows how to run cable, tone it out, and punch it down on a 110 block.  Give me a break….what a dipshit.  I hope he has a miserable Christmas….

Buy it here.

10.  Real HD Video Camera (any make)

Sometimes you just gotta get your HD going on.  Looking at video taken with my old camcorders (on our HDTV) is lacking.  I want 1080p or better!  (Joleen got me started on the cameras for this list…Thanks!)

With these gifts, you are sure to have a Happy Geek Christmas 2010 !!



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