iPad Apps for Women

Breezing thru the Internet, I ran across an interesting article discussing the lack of information on the web pertaining to iPad apps for women.  Tons of stuff for guys, mostly geek guys…but very little for women.

Looking at the article, I was surprised to find out it was written by AltamontCowork full-time member, Joleen Ruffin!   In that article, Joleen then rectifies the lack of information by introducing the reader to a number of useful and fun iPad apps that women / moms (and kids) would love!

Very cool.

Anyway….here is a snapshot of the article.  (Go here to read Joleen’s best iPad apps.)

“I have never been an early adopter of technology. You won’t find me camping outside a store waiting for the opening sale day of a product. When the iPad first launched in April 2010, I didn’t pay it much attention. I had my iPod Touch and wasn’t  really using it that much. In fact, my kids were using it more than I was.

But after a couple of trips to Best Buy and playing with the iPad at the store, I had to have one. I not so subtlety let my husband know that the iPad was what I wanted for Christmas. Instead of waiting for Christmas, he bought it for me on December 2. He called me up and told me to come out and meet him because he had something he needed me to take home. It was my iPad! He told me there was no need to wait until Christmas when he knew I wanted it right now, plus he was too excited to give it to me to wait (isn’t he great!).

Can I just say, I LOVE my iPad. It is so awesome. So awesome that once I started playing with mine, my husband went out and bought one for himself too….”

Here is a video of Joleen’s favorite app (I know because….hmmm, well, see the picture at the top of this blog).  🙂

The other day, Joleen showed us some of the apps for kids….very cool.

In the old days (when Kristen was a happy youngster (as opposed to the brooding teenager she is today), Broderbund had the “Mommy and Me” software on the Mac that was truly awesome.  These new iPad / Android apps promise a new generation of kids hours of fun and learning.

NEW APP!  WiFi / 3G Enabled Mirror.  Joleen will let you use her new app for $1.00.  🙂



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