VGo Robotic Video Conferencing


Here is another robotic video conferencing device.  VGo.

In the video they call it: “Robotic Telepresence”…how errrr, interesting.  Gotta love those Marketing folks…gettin’ the buzz words down.  🙂

I will try to get the VGo at AltamontCowork to test (the others (Giraffe, and AnyBots, have failed to remain in touch or get me a unit….).  I REALLY would like to test one of these things…..cause I think they are COOL, but, the lack of interest in having me test it leads me to wonder how effective they really are….hmmmm.

Check out a version of the same concept that showed up on “The Big Bang Theory” (along with the great Woz).  Very funny.


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