Mirial Connects iPad 2 to H.323 and SIP

UPDATE: August 24, 2011:  Mirial is now part of LifeSize.

Got an email from Mirial telling me that they now support the connection of iPad 2 video conferencing to standards-based H.323 and SIP videoconferencing systems such as Polycom, Lifesize, and Cisco / Tandberg (I’m sure Mirial too…..but they left themselves out…).

From what I can gather, Clearsea is set of applications (and hardware) that include an app that you download to your Andriod or iPhone smartphone.  This app then lets you connect to standards based videoconferencing products (including what sounds like Will’s wife and a Codian MCU !) as shown in the following two videos.

Here is part of the email announcing all this stuff:

Video call with your brand new iPad 2 – today!

After less than one year after the arrival of iPad™, Apple launched iPad 2 claiming it to be such a bar raiser for the competitors that “it will likely cause them to go back to the drawing boards yet again.” (Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO).

A lot more has been said about the new device, facts are that the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, has a faster dual-core processor and better graphic performances.
But the real deal about iPad 2 are the new front and rear cameras, making it a perfect portable endpoint for visual communication and collaboration for corporate users.

As many enterprises rely upon SIP or H.323 video conferencing systemsit is essential that the new devices such as iPad 2 can be integrated into their existing infrastructure. Mirial ClearSea enables standards-based video calls with iOS and Android devices, PCMac and any SIP/H.323 room equipment such as Lifesize, Polycom or Cisco.

Try it yourself, it’s available now! Request your free demo.

Feature of the month: switch camera

In order to take full advantage of the two cameras on the iPad 2 ClearSea Client for iOS features a gesture-based switch camera feature that allows you to switch between the cameras, even during a call.

Check it out in this video by Samuel Sandoval of DeafTechNews LLC, who reviewed the product on the iPad 2 only a few hours after the release.


This is very interesting news as mobile video conferencing more fully establishes itself….

In fact, it was two years ago that I gave this presentation….seems like I hit the nail on the head concerning mobile videoconferencing.

Yeeessss…my predictions are coming true faster and faster….my next prediction: I will make millions of dollars!  Haha, we will see how long THAT one takes.    🙂


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