VSee: An Introduction

I will be meeting Milton Chen (CEO, VSee) sometime this month.  VSee has, until now, escaped my attention.  No longer!   Here is a Youtube video by VSee giving you quick intro.

What do I like (at least on the surface)?  Multipoint video, multi-user application “sharing”,  the ability to send a document simply by dragging the file to the persons video window (very Personal Telepresence like as we originally envisioned it).  VSee looks like a corporate “cloud” video conferencing service, but, I did not see that stated specifically on the web site (I may have missed it though!).

Initial reservations / questions (at least on the surface)? What does this give me that Google+ Hangout does not?  Skype?  ooVoo?  What about H.323 SIP  interoperability?

I’m sure Milton will inform me later this month.  🙂

I do agree 100% with Milton on one thing:  TeleCommuting.  DUH.  It is 2012 (well, almost) people what the F are you doing driving to a central work location just to sit at your computer?  How stupid (for those who can telecommute…. do it.  Here is my FREE ADVICE on how your company can start a Telecommuting Program).

Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework 


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