Geek Christmas Gifts 2012





Assuming we make it to Christmas this year….think Mayan calendar…here are some cool GEEK gifts to buy your favorite NERD for Christmas.  🙂

Thanks to former AltamontCowork coworkers Tom and Dave, the Gardner twins, for helping pick geeky additions to this list.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

What nerd would not want these?

Rolling Alarm Clock

For our 21 year old at college who cannot seem to get up in the morning!

rolling alarm clock

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Hey…it’s new.  Geeks like new.  Besides the TV commercial is kinda cool.

Tesla Car of the Year

For the rich geek in your life.  Or poor one like me who would love it!  🙂

Big Bang Theory DVDs (hey…are DVDs old technology?)

If you love the gang….get it on DVD before DVDs are obsolete.

Magic Wand Remote Control

Harry would be proud!

Nerf-like Bow and Arrow

I have plenty of targets at work…

Dr. Who Gifts (geologically slow web site….)

I never watched Dr. Who.  Apparently I am not geeky enough.

Video Spy Helicopter

I want one!  Just imagine the various uses….

Bilbo Baggins Bobblehead

Get your GEEK on for The Hobbit” movie in December.  I re-read the book just to refresh my memory of the adventures of  Bilbo and his 13 friends.

Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD

What geek would not like these.  Books, games, video, Internet all in glorious HD.  GEEK ON!

Old Fashioned Telephone Handset for your Smartphone

I found site wandering around the Internet…I may add more from it later.

old fashioned telephone handset


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