Coworking and Google Voice



Most very small businesses (micro-business) or start-ups cannot afford to buy a land line for telephone service.  Not only that, most people (is that an understatement?) already have cell phones.  The need for land lines is rapidly going away, at least for the micro-businesses consisting of just yourself.

Keep up with the times!  😉

What I found, in the almost 4 years that AltamontCowork has been in existence, is that Google Voice provides small businesses with an affordable (I suspect FREE is affordable for most) reliable, efficient way to provide your micro-business with an official business telephone number.


Google Voice Features (That I use)

I will just bullet list the features that I find the most useful for me…..there are more.

Click here to sign up for Google Voice.

  • My business number forwards to my cell phone (I selected my phone number from a long list of available numbers in my area code).  Example:  One of our former members is based in Rhode Island…they selected a Google Voice number with a local CA 209 area code, and then forwarded that number to their Rhode Island number.  Very cool.
  • I could forward the calls to MULTIPLE phones at the same time.  For example, AltamontCowork member JBB Cleaning Services has a Vonage line on their desk.  Their Google Voice number forwards to the Vonage line as well as their cell phone.  If someone is in the office, they can answer the Vonage line, if not, they can answer the cell phone.
  • Google Voice has a voice mail capability and a somewhat shitty transcription service…all for FREE.  I get an email, or text, when I get a voice mail or I missed a call.
  • I get text messaging that is separate from my cell phones text messaging.
  • I can block annoying (or spam) callers.


Start-ups and very small businesses generally answer their own phones.  Google Voice provides an affordable (FREE) and reliable way to present a business telephone number to your callers without exposing (but, be careful…) your personal cell phone number to the world.


Coworking = Telecommuting = Telework

AltamontCowork, Tracy, CA,  is the only coworking office space location in the San Joaquin Valley.



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