GEEK Christmas Gifts 2014

Happy GEEKmas 2014 

This year I will link to some really cool GEEK stuff on Amazon Smile as well as other places.

If you purchase your GEEKmas gift on Amazon Smile you can help spread the word about safe driving and help us provide college scholarships for Tracy, CA scholars. Select as your charity of choice!

Frozen Elsa Doll

For the GEEK who is smart enough to please the little ones in their lives, and hey, Frozen is big this year!  Brrrrr….once upon a time there was…..



 The World of Ice & Fire

The UNTOLD history of Westeros.  I have read every book and am anxiously awaiting the next one to see what happens to those who still live!  VERY COOL….or HOT!

untold history of westeros

 Wearable Health Care Devices

This year I have seen huge interest in wearable health care devices.  The coming years will see more and more.  For now, visit this page and see what is available now.

wearable health care devices

 Engenear Engineer T-Shirt

I had an old IEEE (if you need to ask….) T-Shirt that said “I always wanted to be an Engineer, now I are one”.   This t-shirt is almost as cool.


R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Star Wars lives at

r2d2 charger


Technical specifications:

r2d2 technical specifications

 Harry Potter Deluminator

Dumbledore’s deluminator (or…..luminator?) is reborn in this neat LED flashlight at

hp deluminator

Delicious T-Shirt

Geeks out there will understand…..

i ate t shirt



 3D Color Printers

The time is almost here for you to be able to print almost anything you can imagine in 3D.  Already NASA is testing 3D printing on the Space Station and there are plans to 3D print supplies and parts on Mars (or where-ever Capt’s Kirk and Picard will take us).

cube 3d color printer yoda 3d printed

Take a peek at 3DPandoras Kickstarter page, and Solid Concepts web page where I learned A LOT about 3D printing (and grabbed the picture of Yoda).

Solar Powered Phone Charger

What Geek does not need something like this?  If only just to experiment with…..

solar phone charger


More Geek stuff to follow……comment below with your favorite and put a link…Share the Geek!


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