GEEK Christmas Gifts 2017

Merry GEEKmas 

Here is a list of what YOUR GEEK might like this Christmas.  HoHoHo

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(Click the title to go to the product location)

Conixo F18 RC Quadcopter with 1080p HD Camera

The year of the drone!

Grab this fully featured drone (5G, WiFi, 1080p camera, GPS assist, Burger, Fries, and Chocolate Shake) ALL for $299 on Black Friday.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Hub

Your GEEK NEEDS to open his/her garage door with an smartphone app, right?  RIGHT!  🙂

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Hardware GEEK’s will LOVE this.  My ancient soldering iron is somewhere in the garage, but, a NEW soldering kit will give me incentive to design again. 🙂

Norton Core Secure WiFi Router

I was wondering how Norton and other virus apps were going to survive moving forward.  Hardware!  🙂  GEEK out with this secure WiFi router from Norton for your future IoT home.  Looks cool and helps you possibly avoid those Podesta moments.


ICE Orb Levitating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t care how well this works….it LOOKS GEEKY COOL!  🙂  The link above has a video that I cannot find on YouTube….geeeez, get with the program ICE Orb people!  😉

ThinkGeek Wonder Woman T-shirt

Just because Wonder Woman is sooooo cool.  🙂

Star Trek Bluetooth Com Badge

Answer your phone just like Capt. Picard and Capt Kirk will sometime far into the future. Beam me up, Scotty…..oh wait…Siri?  OK, Google….:-)  “Make it so”

Sony Z9D 4k Ultra HD 100 inch TV

For those with money to burn and room to spare.

Please make sure you designate as your charity of choice. 🙂

Go big, or go home.

La Crosse Technology Professional Remote Monitoring Station

Check the weather in your backyard from anywhere using your smartphone.  How cool (or hot) is that?  Imagine the uses…..or just GEEK out as a weather person.  🙂

Christmas Popcorn Tin (Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, & Kettle Corn)

When the 100 inch TV arrives (see above), splurge on a movie and some popcorn.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.




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