Google Duo Supports Multipoint Conferencing

I’ve used Google Duo to connect one-on- one in the recent past and it worked great.

I saw a news article today that said Google Duo now supports up to 12 people on a videoconference. Not sure if that is accurate (FYI….in the past the statement 12 people on a videoconferencing could mean 2 with video and 10 with audio…just sayin) as I have not used it, but, that seems to be the marketing spin that others are quoting as real.

Because I have been there, done that longer than almost anyone in videoconferencing…….I went to the Google Duo web site. If I look at the picture above, I see 8 people by video, so I suspect 4 can also be on the call, but, via audio only.

Thus the 12 people marketing spin. 🙂

If you can have 8 in a VIDEO call…….then that is very cool! The 4 by audio is icing on the cake.

I may have to try it, and break my unbroken streak of 8 years or so in “retirement” from videoconferencing. 🙂

Stay Safe! Telecommute. Social Distancing Works!

Geek On!

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