me at barnes and noble 2013

Mike Pihlman

Mike has over 32 years experience as a telecommunications systems engineer and 23 years experience in telepresence, desktop videoconferencing, and IP collaboration. He has been a leader in the effort to bring desktop videoconferencing applications to fruition. He currently is the owner of AltamontCowork (www.altamontcowork.com) based in Tracy, CA. Mike is also a substitute teacher in the Jefferson and Tracy Unified School Districts.

In another life, Mike worked at ESnet (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) where he designed, implemented, and supported ESnet’s Ad-Hoc H.323 service. This was one of the first worldwide H.323 implementations and is very heavily used supporting over 1200 endpoints with a monthly usage of over 6000 port hours (the first to implement “Cloud-Based Video Conferencing”).

Mike also worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he was part of the team that implemented the first 56 kbps circuit switched telephone capability (Circuit Switched Digital Capability CSDC), and at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories where he was a team leader in the Telecommunications Department. It was at LLNL that he started investigating and using desktop videoconferencing. His Personal Telepresence concept was seen in 1994 on the Discovery Channels NextStep program. After leaving LLNL, Mike became Chief Technical Officer for the TeleCon Conference where he brought technology to the show in the form of high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet, LAN connections to the sessions, keynotes, and exhibit floor. He conceptualized, designed, and implemented the Network Neighborhood (formerly the Product Test Lab), and Virtual SchoolHouse specialty areas on the show floor.

Mike has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas and is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, and Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical Engineering Honor Society. He is a US Navy Vietnam Era veteran.  


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