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  • Home Security & Surveillance Cameras

    Home Security & Surveillance Cameras

    I am starting a new series looking at home security & surveillance monitoring cameras. My fist blog in this series will be on the Uniden Guardian which we have been using at home (the G755) for a few years now, and I installed a newer version in the office building where I used to have […]

  • Using Google Inbox

    Using Google Inbox

    I am always willing to try something new.  Sometimes that has been a curse (like being 20 years ahead of the videoconferencing curve) but sometimes it has been a blessing in that I occasionally find a gem that I never expected to find before anyone else.   Google’s Inbox is a gem.  (Albeit one with […]

  • Build Your Own App for Android or IOS

    Build Your Own App for Android or IOS

    Originally published on one year ago.  I will be publishing new stuff soon, life has just gotten in the way. I bought a book on programming a few months back.  But….I decided I was just too damn old to learn all this stuff again. I wished they had an app maker that was easy […]