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  • IOCOM Releases Visimeet Statistics

    I love stats! When I was at ESnet ( I built Perl programs to sift thru the Gatekeeper stats to give me almost any bit of interesting usage information I could calculate. Until today, my stats were the only video conferencing industry stats I had ever seen. The press release I got today from IOCOM […]

  • Evaluating Cloud Based Video Conferencing: VidTel

    (reliable, high quality, virtual meetings) – Scroll down for the YouTube video of a VidTel meeting… A few blogs ago (on I proposed how I would evaluate the cloud based video conferencing services that are becoming so popular…here is a summary of what I am looking for: A cloud-based video conferencing service provides an […]

  • VidyoWay: Business Class Multipoint Video Conferencing

    The video conferencing world is changing at breakneck speed.   Hold on to your hats peeps……we are in for one screaming fun ride!   Whooohooo… This past week, Vidyo, announced their new “free” (free is  in quotes because I see a requirement that you have to promise to have 50 endpoints in three months…guess that […]

  • Thank You!

    Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU! to Mark @ MIVNET for loaning me this really cool H.323 unit for testing cloud-based video conferencing services!  🙂