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  • Gmail Phone Calls

    You have probably heard by now that you can make a phone call using Gmail. I can verfiy…it works!  But voice only, no video…..yet. Here is how it worked: Using my trusty Toshiba laptop (now over 4 years old and going strong) I got on my Gmail account and saw the prompt “Call Phone”.  (I […]

  • Google Dumps Wave

    So maybe I am a late breaking blog?  How funny.  On that note:  Did anyone see the effects of the solar storm?  I did not. Anyway….I was reading ComputerWorld online today and saw that Google has dropped WAVE. No surprise there. AltamontCowork member, Phil, and I played with it last year (when we finally got […]

  • Broadband Expansion

    CNN reports today that President Obama announced the support for the expansion of broadband into areas that are lacking this connectivity now. Here is the CNN video: Awesome!  Let there be high speed access….everywhere.  Then maybe telecommuting will flourish (oh, maybe not…the OFB’s have to retire first…arrgghhh)…. 🙂

  • Cisco Cius

    A friend works at WebEx (now Cisco) and put a link for this video up on Facebook today. Now that videoconferencing is real (thanks Steve Jobs) does this make it even more real? Does it also make Personal Telepresence real!  Duh…who do you think thunk of that?  (see link for the answer). I guess we […]