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  • Living in the Cloud

    OK, this was eye-opening. At last night’s GeekMeet meeting at AltamontCowork, member Phil showed us how he could boot up his new Netbook with several different Operating Systems (Chrome OS, Android OS, Windows 7, and three flavors of Linux) each loaded on their own SD memory card (4 Gig). Very impressive. Since I use Google […]

  • Google TV

    Related to yesterday’s blog posting (funny how I timed that blog entry…completely random, believe me), this article on Computerworld tells us that Google, Sony, and Logitech are planning to introduce an Internet capable (smart) TV. This Android-based TV (sure hope it will be High Def…interesting, Friend Paul posted this link on Facebook that mentions 1080p […]

  • ReadyTalk: A Quick Peek

    Rating:  3 WaterTowers (a web conferencing application) I had heard about ReadyTalk from some friends.  Not one to pass up an opportunity to test an application that I had never heard of, I went to the ReadyTalk web site to download and try the demo. Unfortunately, to participate in the “trial” (you know I like […]

  • Glance Review

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers In previous blog entries I have reviewed full-featured web conferencing applications. Initially, I had classified Glance in that class. What I found out is that Glance is different. Glance is “easy-to-use screen sharing tool”. Pure and simple. It does not support: VoIP, audio conferencing bridge, or videoconferencing integration. It does not support […]