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  • Personal Telepresence – The Original

    Personal Telepresence – The Original

    With all the hoopla about “Personal Telepresence”, I dug up this 1994 video segment showing our “Personal Telepresence” concept of 1992 (see this link for the original abstract (or this newer link). This video is using the CLI Cameo which was the very first desktop videoconferencing system….enjoy.  By the way, we are the ones who […]

  • Netbriefings Proclaim Works with WordPress

    I received an email from Netbriefings announcing that Proclaim (which I think is terrific) now allows a blogger using WordPress technology (this blog is not, as far as I know) to very easily record a Proclaim video/audio and presentation stream, save it, and post it on a blog.Jeanneane Kloss from Netbriefings set me up with […]

  • GoToMeeting Review

    GoToMeeting Review

    Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers I have been seeing ads in magazines and on TV touting the virtues of GoToMeeting. Being the curious type, I went to the web site to download and try the free demo. Unfortunately, when I filled out the form they asked for my credit card information….no way. Not that they would get […]

  • Proclaim by Netbriefings News

    In a previous blog entry I took a look at Proclaim which I consider one of the best streaming applications around. Today I received an email with this link. Take a peek, it is very interesting. Short corporate messages are becoming more and more important (and you can save $$ on travel, save the environment…DUH). […]