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  • YeOldeTechy Virus Hunter

    OK…..I’m getting good at this, but, I should not have to do this at all. Elimination of virus infections on Windows Computers. With my handy-dandy 1 Gig dongle filled with virus killing software I visited a small business in Tracy today and spent 4 hours scanning, killing, and making everything work on this persons Windows […]

  • LinkedIn

    OK, a few weeks ago, I signed up for LinkedIn. I entered a few bits of information and was invited by one person to join their network. I did nothing else. At the time, I decided that LinkedIn was a grown-up version of Facebook or MySpace. Even though I have a MySpace page I did […]

  • Adobe PhotoShop Express, Part 2

    OK, this is so cool I had to show it here. One of my minor hobbies, other than reading and running, is taking photos around our yard, Tracy, and the surrounding area. We live in a beautiful part of the country where it is green in the winter and brown in the summer. 2 hours […]

  • Adobe PhotoShop Express

    Adobe PhotoShop Express

    UPDATE May 2015: If I remember, I will update this blog with the latest online Adobe stuff…..a lot has changed since 2008 !!  🙂 What is Adobe PhotoShop Express? It is a free web-based version of PhotoShop with a limited set of features. Here is the web site. What are some of the Features of […]