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  • Adobe PhotoShop Express

    Adobe PhotoShop Express

    UPDATE May 2015: If I remember, I will update this blog with the latest online Adobe stuff…..a lot has changed since 2008 !!  🙂 What is Adobe PhotoShop Express? It is a free web-based version of PhotoShop with a limited set of features. Here is the web site. What are some of the Features of […]

  • Apple MacBook Air

    Apple announced today the arrival of the Apple MacBook Air. It is very thin, completely wireless and has no optical disk drive. Included on this device is a built in web cam that can be used with iChat software to videoconference. Note that iChat is NOT standards based, but, it can allow up to 4 […]

  • Meraki Wireless Networking

    The December 2007 issue of “Popular Science” Announced their Computing Grand Award Winner was Meraki. Since I never heard of Meraki, and their wireless product sounded interesting, I figured I’d take a peek at their website. Verrry interrresting. It turns out that Meraki is evangelizing wireless networking by, and for, the masses. The Old Way […]

  • Simple Steps to a Safe Computer

    For all the Windows PC users out there here are a few simple steps to help keep (or make) your computer as safe as it can be. 1. Surf carefully. Avoid going to web sites that are not well known or that seem suspicious. Using common sense avoids many problems. 2. Use your internal Windows […]