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  • Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

    If you have received a file recently that was produced using Office 2007 (Word, Excel, etc) you may not have been able to open it. Download this “Compatibility Pack” from Microsoft. That will allow you to open and edit Office 2007 files without the need for you to upgrade. Here is a pretty good explanation, […]

  • Thoughts on Instant Messaging

    Well it has been along time since I have entered anything here. Lets get back into it… Instant Messaging I like IM but, now that I am “retired” from my old job and have picked up a new one (where IM is a daily part of the work day), I have a few more concerns […]

  • DVD Burning and Standards

    DVD Standards are Important when Burning a DVD by Ye Olde Techy This Christmas, Santa left Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 under the tree. I had been playing around making home moves with Windows Movie Maker, but, now, with Adobe I could take the next step in home movie making. Soooo, being a normal “kid” I […]