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  • Holographic Videoconferencing Getting Closer

    I was drifting through the Internet today looking for something interesting. I found it! Many years ago I was working for a true visionary at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.  He told the young me one day that there will someday be a way to hold holographic videoconferences right there in the conference room.  I guess […]

  • XtraNormal Text to Movie App

    Rating:  5 WaterTowers (super cool Internet based technology!) If you can write…you can make a movie using software…I’m sorry, but, this is wickedly cool, and I just had to share it. Coworking is cool!  I did this at…

  • 3D Display by Sony

    Surfing the web for cool stuff, this article on Telepresence Options caught my eye. The uses for “holographic” videoconferencing…long a dream….are pretty obvious.  I would suspect that the need for 8 cameras around the users would be a drawback, but, heck, if you can afford a fancy telepresence system, why not splurge and spend a […]

  • Google Dumps Wave

    So maybe I am a late breaking blog?  How funny.  On that note:  Did anyone see the effects of the solar storm?  I did not. Anyway….I was reading ComputerWorld online today and saw that Google has dropped WAVE. No surprise there. AltamontCowork member, Phil, and I played with it last year (when we finally got […]