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  • Barnes and Noble Nook

    Caveat:  I have not tried the Nook.  The information below is from information I received at the store or online. You may know by now that I have been resistant to adopting the electronic readers (oddly enough for someone who loves new technology). You also probably know that I love to read (see  and, to me, […]

  • URL Shortening: A Quick Peek

    Since I have started using Twitter (see my twitter posts to the right) I have had to learn to live with 140 character messages. Quite a feat for me since I am struggling to keep my blog posts to 500 words or less. 😉 Rating:  4 WaterTowers (perfect for the Twitter generation) Looking at my […]

  • SmartShopper Review

        Rating:  3 WaterTowers I was browsing through the Amazon web site looking for something cool for my wife for Christmas when I stumbled upon the SmartShopper. It struck me that this could be the perfect product, and that if it worked as well as the reviews said it does, the SmartShopper could change […]

  • Election Day Technology – Hologram Reporter

    If you were not watching CNN last night…here is a very cool application they used to talk to a reporter in Grant Park in Chicago. Hologram reporter….very cool. Embedded video from CNN Video If anyone knows a techie person at CNN who can give me the details, I’d love to post a simplified version of […]