Livestream Video Streaming on Facebook

OK, this is cool. A few seconds after I downloaded the free app “Livestream Podcaster” I was streaming live video from the AltamontCowork public computer to Facebook! I have tried Justin TV and Ustream as our “Virtual Window” but both dropped the calls, after awhile, within a few minutes.  Hmmmm, I wonder if it was Comcast limiting me? Sooo, I’m trying Livestream.  Looks like the … Continue reading Livestream Video Streaming on Facebook

Holographic Videoconferencing Getting Closer

I was drifting through the Internet today looking for something interesting. I found it! Many years ago I was working for a true visionary at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.  He told the young me one day that there will someday be a way to hold holographic videoconferences right there in the conference room.  I guess I believed him because I have built my career, and now, retirement … Continue reading Holographic Videoconferencing Getting Closer

3D Display by Sony

Surfing the web for cool stuff, this article on Telepresence Options caught my eye. The uses for “holographic” videoconferencing…long a dream….are pretty obvious.  I would suspect that the need for 8 cameras around the users would be a drawback, but, heck, if you can afford a fancy telepresence system, why not splurge and spend a few thousand extra bucks. Continue reading 3D Display by Sony