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  • iPad 2 and Video Conferencing

    UPDATE January 2023: A HISTORY Lesson from 2011……enjoy! Steve Jobs (YES!) announced today that the iPad 2 will be released March 11th. I went to the spec page, grabbed the screen shots,  and tried to learn a bit more about the cameras (yes there are now two) and video conferencing capabilities. The iPad 2 will come […]

  • Facebook Video Chat

    Facebook Video Chat

    UPDATE Dec 2022: A History Lesson 🙂 I tried video chat (video conference) via Facebook about a year ago…it sucked. Now…the good folks at tell me that the co-founder of RealNetworks, Rob Glaser, has developed a new Facebook video chat (video call) application called “SocialEyes”. Very clever name. But it remains to be seen […]

  • Motorola XOOM

    Looks like this new tablet from Motorola may cut into the sales of the iPad. Can you hear me know?   Kinda late….but, maybe better late than never applies. It uses the Android 3.0 operating system. I hear it comes with two cameras, one front facing for video chats (video conferencing) and taking pictures of […]

  • Toshiba Android Tablet

    It looks like Toshiba is coming out soon with an Android based tablet.  I love Toshiba computers!  See the header picture to see my “Old Faithful” Toshiba laptop (6 years old and still going strong), and am writing this on my new Satellite A665.  Lori and Kristen both love their Toshiba laptops… Before buying a […]