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  • iPad Apps for Women

    Breezing thru the Internet, I ran across an interesting article discussing the lack of information on the web pertaining to iPad apps for women.  Tons of stuff for guys, mostly geek guys…but very little for women. Looking at the article, I was surprised to find out it was written by AltamontCowork full-time member, Joleen Ruffin! […]

  • Google Chrome Web Store

    Cloud Cool Another day, another cool new technology thingy from Google. If you ever wondered how you could live in the cloud, today’s introduction of the “chrome web store” may provide the beginnings of an answer. But only the beginnings… Using Chrome (the only browser that works) you can go here and download any number […]

  • Facebook Messages

  • Livestream Video Streaming on Facebook

    OK, this is cool. A few seconds after I downloaded the free app “Livestream Podcaster” I was streaming live video from the AltamontCowork public computer to Facebook! I have tried Justin TV and Ustream as our “Virtual Window” but both dropped the calls, after awhile, within a few minutes.  Hmmmm, I wonder if it was […]