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  • Digital TV Converter Installation

    Digital TV Converter Installation

    Prologue It is Halloween and I have set up my candy delivery station in the driveway. The station includes pumpkins, our dog dressed up in his Halloween costume, several well placed boxes to be used as tables, blankets, several layers of clothing, and, most importantly, my 30 year old TV so I can watch TV […]

  • Digital TV Conversion Coupon

    I applied for my Digital TV conversion coupon in Jan 2008. I received it yesterday, April 8, 2008. The point here is: It would be good to read my other blogs on Digital TV conversion and order your coupon as soon as possible. With the coupon comes a list of stores in the area you […]

  • Best Buy Prepares for Digital TV Conversion

    YeOldeTechy received an email today from Best Buy. They are preparing for the conversion of television to digital in the following ways: +++ -Beginning in early 2006, Best Buy began providing consumers with in-store and online information about the DTV broadcast transition including brochures and a dedicated page at -In October 2007, Best Buy […]

  • Television Broadcasting Changing to Digital

      For all the latest blog articles related to this subject click here. Before you read…here is an NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) YouTube snippet explaining very nicely what this switch to digital means.   If you have an antenna on the roof, or use rabbit ears, and have an old television, February 17, 2009 […]