Category: Environment

  • Bay Area to Install EV Charging Stations

    The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board recently approved $5 million for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and home chargers. According to the press release, the money will fund the installation of: 3,000 home chargers 2,000 public chargers 50 fast chargers (off of freeways) They say that transportation is responsible for […]

  • Solar Storm Tonight

    Breaking News: I’m NOT a breaking news kind of blogger, but, I was reading National Geographic (see this link) just now and there is a solar storm that will hit the earth late tonight (August 3, 2010). Here is a video of the sun burp that will cause the storm…..VERY COOL Gee…is my new […]

  • TracyVirtualOffice Hosts Tracy TweetUP

    Social networking meets technology. Last night, the TracyVirtualOffice coworking location (that be me…) hosted Tracy’s first TweetUP.  The event was well attended and the energy was palpable. Just like coworking. 🙂 This video was taken by a Tracy Press reporter (Justin) using one of those really cool Flip cameras.  The quality is excellent.  Eventually this […]

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Network in Bay Area

    It’s 2008 in the San Franciso Bay Area and you own an electric car that is running low on charge.  What do you do?  Where do you go to re-charge?  Right about now you are wishing you had your gas guzzling, carbon emission spitting, automobile back and the heck with the environment. But wait….fast forward […]