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  • Obama Wins!

    At last…at long last….we have HOPE.  

  • Cancer and the Cell Phone

    I have posted warnings (here and here) about the possible dangers of using the cell phone too much. Here is a video that just came out from a researcher at a world renowned cancer research center who is warning the same thing. (Note: In the move to WordPress I lost this video…I will try to […]

  • Save the Environment

    I am starting a new post “Label” called “Save the Environment”. Under this new label will go all the Telecommuting and some of the renewable energy articles I have posted recently. It is time to become aware that the human race is harming the environment, endangering both animals and humans alike (we are animals….). The […]

  • Switch to Renewable Energy

    Switch to Renewable Energy

      There has been some action in the news in the past week, or so, concerning the use, and switch to, renewable energy. Although this is not an area I normally cover, I am VERY interested in the environment (and very concerned about global warming). I would like to see us change the way we […]