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  • Comcast Tracy, CA Upgrades HDTV Channels, Part 2

    I was breezing through the HD channels a couple of nights ago, and found new channels. Interesting that I never seem to be aware that this is going to happen…is it just me? Fourteen new HD channels have been added and we lost MOJO….but, if you ever watched MOJO you may agree that that is […]

  • Comcast HDTV Cable Box Installation

    Comcast HDTV Cable Box Installation

      As many of you know, I had a cable card installed in my Sony HDTV. That card has given me very good service for the past 4 years, but, in the past year or so, I have periodically lost signal to many stations we watch. To get those stations back, I have to call […]

  • Comcast Tracy Upgrades HDTV Channels

    Comcast has once again upgraded their HD offerings in Tracy, CA. I posted the last change here. Now they have made a few changes to their existing channels (mostly in naming conventions) and added nine more channels, some of which could be interesting. Here is the current list: 903–KCRA NBC904–KQCA My58906–KVIE PBS908–KTXL Fox910–KXTV ABC912–KMAX CW31 […]

  • Blu-Ray beats HD-DVD

    In case you doubted that Blu-Ray has won the DVD war, yesterday and today two more blows were dealt to HD-DVD which could hasten it’s demise and bolster Blu-Ray. 1. Netflix announced exclusive support for Blu-Ray 2. Best Buy, starting in early March, will recommend Blu-Ray to their customers. 3. The most telling sign yet […]