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  • HDTV Buying Tips

    A friend of mine has been bouncing between stores in the Tracy area looking for a high definition TV to purchase. After talking with him this morning, here are a few hints you might be able to use when talking to the sales people. 1. You do not need a super duper, noise reducing, costly, […]

  • Video-on-Demand and Blu-Ray

    UPDATE:  See my Review of VUDU here.   Now that Blu-Ray has apparently won the latest format war…how long do you think it will be before the next greatest technology surpasses it? Not long. Instead of DVD’s, there will be an ever increasing use of the Internet to download programming to your HDTV. All you […]

  • Wireless HDTV

    +++++Breaking NewsToday (Jan 5, 2008) Warner announced support for Blu-Ray. With “Pirates of the Carribbean”, all the wonderful Pixar movies, and now “Harry Potter” and “Batman” all exclusively on Blu-Ray. I will purchase a Blu-Ray player as soon as I have the bucks to do so. The format war is over.+++++Now that you have that […]

  • Comcast Tracy Expands HDTV Programming

    Frustrated with the lack of HD programming from Comcast in Tracy, CA, I had been looking at DirecTV and DISH and was nearing a decision to move. As luck may have it, last night, Comcast has turned on (at least for now) SIX brand new HDTV options. Since several of them are very good choices, […]